Aerial & Satellite Installation in the Chester Region


When it comes to getting that aerial repair done, or maybe the fitting of a new digital aerial for your home, you want to be sure that the aerial fitters you call are going to do the job well and for a reasonable price. Like many, the internet can be used to find out what companies are out there and in your area. If living in the Chester area you should check out an aerial company called TV Aerials Chester.

They have been fitting TV aerials for a good few years. They have built up a good reputation and are also members of both the cai and the rdi. They will turn up  on time, they always wear boot covers when entering a home. They do a very neat job and their prices are also competitive. It is sometimes hard to decide which tradesman or company to use, particularly when there are a good few in the same Chester region and they all seem to say pretty much the same thing.

Having worked with these guys myself, and also employed them as subcontractors, I can recommend their aerial services to anyone. I know they will do a good job every time and also charge a fair price. Unlike some rogue traders, they are an honest bunch and will not be doing any unnecessary work just to bump up the price of the job, hoping to make an extra few quid. The work they carry out is guaranteed and all of the equipment they install is also covered with a warranty.

As well as doing aerial installation work, they also fit sky dishes and larger satellite dishes for the foreign TV channels. Plus, if you are in need of a TV hanging on a wall, then you can also call these guys since they also do that service also. So if you are requiring any of the afore mentioned services, Click through the link above or go to their Facebook page and drop them a line at TV Aerials Chester FB page

How to split an aerial cable to feed 2 Televisions

This is a fairly common practice that I see as a Aerial Fitters Preston. Often people will do some DIY on the coax cable and attempt to split the single cable coming in into more than one feed. There are plenty of coax splitters available for coax inputs that are very easy to put together. Sometimes, depending on the strength and quality of the signal this can be a quick and cheap way of bringing in more TV points into the home, although you are often left with the problem of hiding the cable going from one room to the other.

This method hits problems when the quality and strength of the signal is not too strong and is barely enough for one TV let alone 2 or more. There are few ways of gauging the signal strength with out using a meter of some kind. I use a spectrum analyzer that can measure the strength and the quality of each of the transponders or multiplexes being picked up by TV Aerials. I recently was called out to a house in Preston where the owner had done exactly as has been described. She said that they never had a great signal from it but it did work OK with occasional picture fracture and glitch.

The main reason why she’d called was not for the poor aerial signal quality but for an aerial repair service due to the aerial mast falling off the bracket on the chimney. Once I had replaced the old chimney bracket with a new one and mounted the mast on it I went inside to test the signal. Its there that I noticed the diy splitter going to 2 TV’s and I wondered whether or not there would be enough of  signal for the 2 TV’s. I tested the signal in which read around 58 – 60db coming in. but once it was split the signal going to the 2 TV’s went down to between 44 – 36db, which would cause a picture break up, fracture and glitch, particularly when the weather is poor.

The best way to split the signal is as near to the digital aerial head as you can, which is usually around the base of the mast. It’s also the easiest place for the splitter to be fixed. When the signal is split nearest the TV Aerial, then there is a lot less of a loss than when it is split further down the cable where the signal is already feeling a loss. However, due to this customer living in rented accommodation she didn’t want to  spend too much, so the other solution and also the easiest is to put the cable into the property straight into a distribution amp or aerial booster. This then splits the signal at no loss to the out puts. She went for this solution and once installed was happy that not only were her TV’s back up and running, but they were no longer suffering with picture break up.

Getting the Best TV Aerial Installation for your money

Helpful advice on when there is a need to call out a TV Aerial or Satellite TV Engineer to fix issues with our Television picture or sound.

Upon arrival give the aerial installer an explanation of the problems with the TV picture or sound. The engineer will then run through a list of tests which will help to find the cause of the fault, if it isn’t glaringly obvious (i.e the aerial has come down off the chimney in a storm). Using a spectrum analyser he will run a test on the coax cable to find out what the signal strength is coming from the aerial. The test will help to determine if the fault is from either the aerial head or antenna or possibly cable, or if it is an issue with interference from such things as WIFI routers. Finally it will point to a problem with either an amp, masthead amp power supply or even to the TV itself. The most common fault is due to the adverse weather conditions experienced in the UK.

For instance in TV Aerial Installation Preston can come under a lot of corrosive weather conditions due to the location being near the sea. This causes rapid corrosion of the aerial, its mast and bracket & also to the coax cable. Once the aerial head is compromised then water will enter and cause a shorting of the system which will result in problems with the TV picture through to complete loss of signal altogether. When this happens, then there is no possible way to repair the system, and a good engineer will offer a TV Aerial Installation for the full system. This should come with a guarantee and if the engineer is using cai or Rdi approved equipment, then you can have full confidence in the installation.